Artist Statement

See the Music

Nearly 20 years ago, while strolling in my neighborhood on Lincoln Road in Miami Beach, I saw something that stopped me on my tracks. Through the window of the Barbara Gillman Gallery, I saw several amazing, oversized, black & white photographs of famous jazz and blues performers. It was the work of Herman Leonard. At first, I was captivated by the content of the photographs because of my lifelong love for music. But soon I realized that the images themselves had a power that amplified my affection for the music.

Leonard’s extraordinary photos made me realize what I was meant to do. At that moment, I knew that music photography was my calling.

Photographing live concerts is my passion. When I am looking through my lens at a musician, I am overcome by the same adrenaline rush I first felt so many years ago. My goal is not to document the performance, but to create an image as vital and singular as the moment occurring in front of me.

I want to capture the passion of the performer, the mix of power and vulnerability playing out onstage, the intimacy and mystery of the relationship between artist and audience.

Do not give up the piano! The camera cannot express the human soul!, Ansel Adams’ mother pleaded. To which he replied, The camera cannot, but the photographer can.


Miami, FL

February 2018